Perfection & Excellence

「Paragon」 means “number one”, and “role model”. We strive to become the best in our business.
Our hotel staff members are working at their best for service improvements and consistent facility investment, always putting our customers first.
We promise to give our utmost efforts by providing a home-like comfort to each and every one of our customers in order to be remembered as an affectionate hotel.
Please visit us and feel the warmth of our Paragon Hotel.

True Business Hotel

Our luxury hotel is located in the center of west Busan, a place for rapid growth. It is close to nearby subways and bus terminal as well as Gimhae international airport. The economic free zone which has become the core region for development of Busan and Gyeongnam, along with Busan new port and Sinho industrial complex and the Nakdong river serve as the optimal hotel for guests who visit for the purpose of business or sightseeing.